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Top 10 Muscular Female Celebrities with Biceps


You will see a lot of celebrities getting short cuts to looking better i.e. surgeries, crash diets etc. The end results are almost never satisfactory. Lots of celebrities have really destroyed their faces with plastic surgery. Giving fit/thin/shapely with traditional methods is still better than the nips and cuts. Some people might say that muscles or biceps on a woman are unattractive, well same is the case with surgeries, but at least with exercise you are healthier. This is a very long discussion so let's cut the long story short and just take a look at these muscular female celebrities with biceps.

10. Avril Lavigne

9. Evangeline Lilly

8. Cameron Diaz

7. Hilary Swank

6. Jessica Biel

5. Brooke Shields

4. Kelly Ripa

3. Madonna

2. Holly Hunter

1. Sarah Jessica Parker


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