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Top 20 Best Office Pranks Ideas


Office pranks have earned a place in the pranking world in the recent past. People come up with the most bizarre pranks that one could imagine. Living in the technology era has given pranksters ideas and opportunities to plan extremely high-tech and geeky pranks. Here are some pranks that you can try on your colleagues.

20. Card board Office

19. Water between you and your desk

18. Keyboard and Mouse covered in Jello

17. Grow grass in keyboard

16. Which one to use?

15. Some one's in here

14. Car covered by post-its

13. Interchange Regular and Decaf Coffee

12. Pins on the toilet seat

11. The spilling coffee

10. Shake, Spray and Spill

9. The mouse isn't working

8. Interchange keys of the keyboard

7. Cat food sandwich...instead of tuna

6. Inverted Screen

5. The high tech - Some one's in here

4. Grapefruit juice in coffee

3. Tomato juice in Coke Can

2. The REAL sponge cake

1. Tooth Paste in OREO


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