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Top 10 Fattest People in the World


People love surfing. There is nothing more exciting than hitting the water with nothing but a pair of trunks and a surf board. But some times, it can be quite dangerous because of the huge waves you get in the surfing areas. Take a look at the most dangerous waves in the world.

10. Mills Darden - 454 kg

9. Kenneth Brumley - 468 kg

8. Rosalie Bradford - 477 kg

7. Robert Earl Hughes - 486 kg

6. Patrick Deuel - 486 kg

5. Michael Hebranko - 500 kg

4. Walter Hudson - 510.29 kg

3. Carol Yager - 539 kg

2. Manuel Uribe - 597 kg

1. Jon Brower Minnoch - 635 kg


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