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Top 10 Pictures of the Worst Tans EVER


Many people like to look tan instead of pasty white in the Caucasian world. An interesting fact is that things are quite different in the eastern side of the world. People who are tan, try to look as pasty white as possible. Any how, getting tanned is not that easy and does not always work out as planned. In the recent past, spray on tans became very popular but they made on look more like a douche than anything else. Here we have the worst possible NATURAL tanning accidents.

10. KK forgot to take off her sun glasses

9. MAMA's gone a bit overboard

8. It would have been funnier if that was shapped as a BRA

7. LOL...YUP...It is funnier

6. You could have bought the costume...

5. I bet he is wearing really long gloves

4. Almost there!!! could have gone for a complete legging look

3. You usually get red where you get slapped...not the other way round

2. Just imagine how TANNED the willy would have gotten

1. Can't say ANYTHING about this picture

Tip of the day: Finish what you have started, else you will look like IDIOTS.


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