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Top 10 Female Celebrities Who Shaved their heads


Women with long, bouncy, soft hair look attractive mainly because of the hair. If a woman looks HOT without them, then she TRULY is HOT. A bald head rare suits a guy let a alone a woman, but these women really know how to work IT without their hair. Men shave their head mainly due to hair loss. Going bald is not a nice feeling so instead of experiencing the loss of hair follicles one by one they shave their heads. But these women have serious guts. Without doing through the traumatic experience of hair loss, they were up to the challenge of going completely bald.

10. Robin Tunney

9. Sigourney Weaver

8. Shabana Azmi

7. Ellen Page

6. Persis Khambatta

5. Halle Berry

4. Britney Spears

3. Cameron Diaz

2. Natalie Portman

1. Demi Moore

Tip of the day: Don't get stressed with hair loss. You might look good without all the hair.


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