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Top 10 Healthy Celebrity Weight losses


There are many celebrities who are now following and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Many have achieved amazing results through proper diet and exercise. Here we have the top 10 celebrities who have succeeded in achieving their goals.

10. Kirstie Alley - Lost 50 lbs.

9. Anthony Hopkins - Lost 75 lbs.

8. Jason Alexander - Lost 30lbs.

7. Ricky Gervais - Lost 25 lbs.

6. Sara Rue - Lost 40lbs.

5. Drew Carey - Lost 80lbs.

4. Kelly Osbourne - Lost 40lbs.

3. John Goodman - Lost over 100lbs.

2. Star Jones - Lost 150lbs.

1. Jennifer Hudson - from size 16 to a size 4

Tip of the day: Nothing is impossible. Just put your mind to it and power through.


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