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Top 5 least racist countries


There is a lot of racism around us. There are countries who wouldn't want a Muslim, a Jew or an immigrant as a neighbor (e.g. Northern Ireland, Greece and Italy don't like any of the above, but then again, there are people who don't judge you based on your cast, creed, religion or skin color. Here we have a list of the top 5 least racist countries in the world.


Most of the Nordic counties are very accepting, not only on a governmental level but as a community. Netherlands is one of these great counties.


Finland is yet another nation that falls in the same category as Netherlands with slightly more accepting features.


Many people consider Norway as the LEAST racist country in Europe.

Sweden is the country with the least problem with your race and homosexuality. They do not discriminate with respect to where a person comes from, what they like or dislike, they just LET THEM BE!!


The laughing stock for America, has turned out to be the BEST nation out of all. A country promoting immigration, helping people stay and live freely in the land, not discrimination and the list goes on and on. Canada is a great nation and looks like THAT is way America makes fun of it --> JEALOUSY!!!

Tip of the day: Don't judge people based on their looks, cast, country or background. Look at them as HUMANS.


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