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Top Twenty Tallest Women in the world - PLUS A BONUS


Usually men are taller than women and most of them like it this way. Men tend to get very conscious about their height if they stand next to a tall female. It makes them feel small, not in control, dominated and everything that goes with it. From the other angle, women USUALLY like the man to be taller and if a girl gets very tall, it is looked at in a very bad way and effects the girls confidence in a negative manner. Now this is what usually happens, but we have a list of some pretty awesome females who are proud to known as TALL WOMEN

20. Darina Yegerova, 6'9.5", 207.0cm

She holds the record for the world's longest legs

19. Amazon ISIS, 6'9.5", 207.0cm

She now tries to wrestle men because women are not a big enough challenge for her

18. Elena Kravchenko, 6'10", 208.3cm

She is at least a head taller than everyone

17. Silvia Mesa, 6'10", 208.3cm

One of the tallest basket ball players

16. Jaana Kotova, 6'10", 208.3cm

Yet another tall basket ball player.

15. Ellen Bayer, 6'10", 208.3cm

6'10" lady with a 6'6" gentleman

14. Zorana Todorovic, 6'10.5", 209.6cm

This is what YOU will look like standing next to her.

13. Gitika Srivastava, 6'11", 210.8cm

I wonder how tall her husband is!!!

12. Gwen Bachman, 6'11", 210.8cm

11. Ulyana Semenova, 6'11", 210.8cm

She used to be the tallest basketball player in her time.

10. Lyuba Shilo, 7'0", 213.4cm

Lyuba is Ukraine's tallest woman

9. Urmila Kumari Chaudhari, 7'1", 215.9cm

I believe she is the tallest person in Nepal

8. Zainab Bibi, 7'2", 218.4cm

Zainab Bibi is now settled in the UK after getting an asylum their on grounds that her height is making her life very hard in Pakistan

7. Svetlana Singh, 7'2", 218.4cm

She is not just very tall herself, but she has the tallest baby as well.

6. Margo Dydek, 7'2", 218.4cm

Dydek is the tallest female basketball player ever to set foot on that court.

5. Maria Feliciana Santo, 7'5", 226.1cm

4. Sandy Allen, 7'7", 231.1cm

recognized as the tallest woman during her life according to Guinness World Records. She passed away in August 2008

3. Yao Defen, 7'8", 233.7cm

Her gigantism is due to a tumor in her pituitary glad which I believe releases the HGH (Human Growth Hormone). There were disputes about who was taller - Yao or Sandy.

2. Zeng Jinlian , 8'2", 248.9cm

Zeng was the tallest female ever recorded in medical history. She passed away in 1982.

1. Trijntje Keever, 8'4.4", 255.0cm

The oldest and tallest woman in recorded history. She lived from 1616 to 1633.


BONUS - Elisany Silva

Elisany is the tallest teenager in the world. She is 14 years old and 6'9" tall. She is going to use her height in a very positive way by starting fashion modelling very soon.


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