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Top Twenty Skinny Celebrities


As we all know, we live in the era where everyone is striving to get THIN. What's bad is that people are not trying to get is more of a superficial thing. Instead of eating healthy and working out, people are resorting to taking drugs, starving themselves and all kinds of $/-/|T. Here are the top twenty celebrities, that have gone a tad bit overboard.

20. Nick Hilton:

Honestly speaking, she is not all that bad. The really skinny part of her body is her knees...GEEEEEZZZZZ!!! Doesn't look like anything human...atleast not to me.

19. Paris Hilton

Beating her sister by just one point, the buttless wonder (YEAH..I said it) makes it to the top twenty. She still doesn't fall into the SCARY skinny category but she is SKINNY so...there you go!!

18. Anna kournikova

Anna was the hottest thing around when she start playing tennis ages ago. But recently we can see that she is moving away from the sportswoman image and moving into the 'I haven't had anything to eat in a week' image. I don't know if it's over exercising, drugs, being short of cash coz no one goes to see her matches, trying to get into another Enrique video or what but she is losing it.

17. Kate Moss

She's a skinny one, but being a model it is hard to find bad pictures of her. Kate was into drugs for quite sometime but I hear that she is doing pretty well so...CONGRATS

16. Steven Tyler

Oh My God...the first time I saw this picture, I thought...why is a picture with an old woman and some guy named Steven Tyler. Then it suddenly hit me - This ain't an old lady. This the guy with that awesome song from that awesome movie. I can't believe that Liv Tyler comes from him. I'll have to re-think my entire world now.

15. Keira Knightley

It's really weird. Some times she looks like this really awesome British chick but in the very next pictures she looks like an anorexic. I blame Photoshop. Sometimes you Photoshop her a bit too much and she looks like she's just skin and bones. I'll leave it to you guys to decide if this picture of her Photoshoped or not. An honorable mention to her in POTC...SMOKIN' HOT!!

14. Cheryl Cole

Can I be honest here? I didn't want to put her here coz Cheryl Cole is one of the VERY few people who is skinny but still looks AWESOME. She doesn't look weak or anything..I would say she looks, delicate. In addition to what's I've just said, Cheryl is the Sexiest woman on the planet according to FHM so, can't say anything bad about her.

13. Victoria Beckham

A similar example as Cheryl. Way too skinny but looks classy and very desirable. Maybe it's her sense of dressing or whatever, but she doesn't look all that bad.

12. Mischa Barton

She was really awesome in The OC but since then she has lost her charm and attraction. She got really skinny and NOW she is a CHUNKY MONKEY. As this is the skinny celebrity post, I will not consider her weight now...rather we will look at what she was a few months back. WHY!!!?? Well..coz it's my choice :P...ain't it

11. Angelina Jolie

I would say this is Brad's fault because if you remember tomb raider; Angie was really toned and very very hot. Especially in that scene when she comes out of the water and says something like 'Hello Boys'....PHHOOPHHH!!! She has lost a bit too much weight since then. Maybe it's because she has to carry around all those kids. Just look at her leg in the'll see what I mean.

10. Teri Hatcher

I remember seeing her on Oprah doing that erotic sort of exercise dance thing..don't know what it's called..but that was AWESOME. Teri for a change has lost a lot of weight due to exercise. She works out like crazy and you can see that. I think maybe it's her diet that is lacking!! Whatever it is...she should slow it down.

9. Carson Daly

DAMN this guy lost weight. He has certainly worked hard to get rid of the handles, but he went a little overboard. I remember right after he lost weight...he started giving this weird stare as if his eyes were about to pop out. Anywho, there you go...our number 9.

8. Kate Bosworth

Kate used to be really fit and toned. Don't really know what happened there. Hope she gains a bit...coz I always love to see her.

7. Nicole Richie

I think this is the first time EVER that I have seen someone wear panties that don't fit. Just look at that.

6. Mary-Kate Olson

The child star does not really want to look like her sister..i.e. attractive!! So she went down the anorexic route. She has absolutely no muscle and no fat on her body. You can see each and every bone on her back, which in my books is NOT HOT.

5. Lara Flynn Boyle

The only reason I know this lady is because of MIB II and that's it. She looked reasonably good in the movie but looking at this picture...the word..YEAAAAKKKHHHH comes to mind.

4. Lindsay Lohan

Irresponsible, party animal, drug addict are just a few words to describe our child star BUT the most popular one is by far SKIN and BONES. I seriously hope she gets back to her good old self.

3. Christian Bale

For his role in the machinist, Christian Bale lost 28 (62 lbs) kilograms reducing his body weight to 54 kilograms (120 lbs). Now I know that was for a movie role and was something intentional and temporary..BUT skinny is skinny so...there you have it.

2. Eva Herzigova

Eva is a supposed to be a model...but based on this picture...there is nothing model like about her. She is way too skinny for a human being.

1. Olga Sherer

Any we finally have...the Skinniest Celebrity of all - Olga Sherer AKA the skeleton. She makes our number 10 (Teri Hatcher) look kind this crazy buff muscle chick. The Belarusian model looks like she does not take anything to eat at all and lives purely on air and on those lucky days...a glass of water wouldn't really harm.



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