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Top 10 Possible Look-a-likes of Kate-Middleton

Who would have thought that there are some people who are enjoying respect, and fame just because they have a strong resemblance and features of other famous celebrities. In fact, it’s indeed common that you would have someone that has almost same replication as you although there is no really blood relation at all. Hence, what more if you would be compared with the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, who is popularly known as Kate Middleton. In fact, one of the Look-Alike individuals on this list has received more opportunities than being a waitress because everyone thought that she’s the princess. Just before the wedding of the century took place between Kate Middleton and Prince William, there were various websites that organized a contest to find the Kate-Middleton look alike. There are tons of pictures sent, and even those people who have felt that they have strong features, and manners like the Duchess also sent their pictures wearing the almost same dresses that the princess worn in some occasions. Get to know these Top 10 Look-Alike of Kate Middleton, wherein some of them are celebrities themselves, beauty titlists, and simple women in the community.

Top 5 Chandler Dances

I've been missing watching Friends so I thought it's about time to have a post about my favorite character. Surprisingly, there have been quite a few MEMEs of the dancing Chandler, but nothing beats the original. It would be interesting to see how many of you can guess what episode each scene is from.

Top 10 Best 3D Movies

Get your wallet ready for a blast by watching the most recently made 3D movies for this year! You’ve always experienced that blissful sensation before, during, and after watching a good 3D movie with your family or friends, and you’d to have more of it! Although a little bit pricier, 3D movies are a different experience because it magnifies the beauty of colorful and amazing CGI’s any film has to offer. You might want to get ideas on what would be shown this 2012, so read on to find out what would get you the most excited for this year. Here are the Top 10 Best Movies to Watch in 3D

Top 10 Countries with Death Penalties

According to Amnesty International, at least 5,837 executions were carried out in 22 countries and territories in 2010. This article looks at the top 10 countries with death penalties and capital punishment. It also examines those who use it and are out of control.

Top 20 Funny and Unusual Mailbox Designs

What would a house look like without a mailbox? Most people would likely say incomplete. A mailbox, even in the age of the internet and instant messaging, is something of a permanent fixture outside houses, apartments, shops and even offices. Mailboxes still mean something to people life and facilitate the postman in his duties of delivering mail. lets see some creative, unusual and bizarre mailbox designs around the world that will obviously bring smile on your face.

Top 10 Pictures of Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants are plants that derive some or most of their nutrients from trapping and consuming animals or protozoans, typically insects and other arthropods. Carnivorous plants appear adapted to grow in places where the soil is thin or poor in nutrients, especially nitrogen, such as acidic bogs and rock outcroppings. Charles Darwin wrote Insectivorous Plants, the first well-known treatise on carnivorous plants, in 1875.

Top 20 Amazing and Creative Alarm Clocks

Alarm clock plays an important role in everyone's life. Time is like a flowing river, it waits and stops for no one. So it is impossible to stop time, but it is possible to save it from wasting. Below is the list of some creative and amazing alarm clocks.

Top 20 Egg Art Carving Designs

Egg carving is a delicate, elaborate art, not for the faint of heart. Egg carvers create designs on eggs that range from the size of tiny quail eggs to emu eggs, roughly the size of a cantaloupe. The designs these artists carve are as different as they eggs upon which they are produced. Simple designs might include a ribbon design or stenciled hearts, while elaborate designs might include nature scenes or filigree lace.
Below is the list of some pictures of egg art carving.

Top 10 Weirdest Public Toilets

Public toilets are important part of any city. This list contains pictures of public toilets from around the world that includes the good, the bad and of course, the disgusting.

Top 10 Biggest Holes on Earth

It is believed that holes are wrath of god on this earth and are pathway to hell. Holes created in different parts of the world either due to human works like mining, as sum of these are diamond mine shafts that have been abandoned or due to wrath of god as we all know through meteor shower or something similar falling that made the dinosaurs extinct are today popular vacation spots as they are a visual extravaganza.
Check out these biggest holes on earth

Top 20 Weirdest Christmas Trees

Who says all Christmas trees have to be evergreen?

Step one: Put anything you can find together in a pyramid shape.
Step two: Wrap chosen items with lights.
Step three: Illuminate and voila!
Check out some of the weirdest Christmas trees

Top 10 Hits of Eminem

Eminem's prolific song-writing is part of what makes him one of the greatest emcees of all time. Check out the Detroit MC's best 10 songs of all time.

Top 20 Weird and Unusual Guitar Designs

There are several types of guitars, but as we are living in the age of innovation, we know that people always try to modify things in different ways. For all guitar fans out there, Top 20 Lists created a list of weirdest guitar designs ever.

Top 10 Creatively Designed Anti Smoking Ads

Anti-Smoking ads are one of the most widely circulated advertisements of any kind. It is so commonplace that one can readily see anti-smoking ads on TV, billboards, magazines, websites, and on the packaging of cigarettes themselves. While not banning cigarettes altogether, most governments all over the world require tobacco manufacturers to put a notice of warning on their products against the deadly effects caused by cigarette smoking. This government warning is obviously meant to discourage the public from consuming tobacco without directly infringing on freedom of its citizens to decide for themselves.


Top 20 Cutest Pictures of Sleeping Animals

We all love animals, but interestingly animals look more cute while sleeping. Below is the list of some cutest pictures of sleeping animals. Check it out.

Top 10 First Person Shooter Video Games in 2011

First-person shooter (FPS) is a video game genre that centers the gameplay on gun and projectile weapon-based combat through first-person perspective; i.e., the player experiences the action through the eyes of a protagonist. Generally speaking, the first-person shooter shares common traits with other shooter games, which in turn fall under the heading action game. From the genre's inception, advanced 3D or pseudo-3D graphics elements have challenged hardware development, and multiplayer gaming has been integral.

Top 10 Self Fixing Fails

Sometimes people try to fix their things but epic failures occur. Below is the list of top self repairing/fixing fails.

Top 10 Huge Soap Bubbles by Bubbleman

Samsam Bubbleman (Sam Heath) began making bubbles as a hobby in 1989, and has grown to become the country's foremost bubble expert, holding multiple world records for his skills, including putting 50 people inside a giant bubble! He has volumes of experience and is available for kids parties to corporate events, staged events to 'mix and mingles'. His TV accomplishments include several appearances on BBC's Blue Peter and ITV's This Morning, along with a whole host of tv talent shows, chat shows and news programmes on most terrestrial and cable channels. Below is the list of top 10 biggest soap bubbles he created.

Top 10 Fancy Costumes for Girls

There are thousands of different kinds of fancy dresses for girls, which are used for Halloween parties or on some other occasions. Top 20 Lists is presenting you top 10 fancy costumes for girls

Top 10 Most Admired Companies

The two famous management consultancy firms, Fortune and Hay Group have recently done a survey. In which they asked from different business people to vote for the company they most admire. The consultancy firms then created a list of 50 most admired companies in the world. Below is the list of top 10 most admired companies.

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